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MediTec SilverCare FairLife is engaged in development of Health elevating general progress of people. In order to attain health,  minerals are a paramount objective.


To attain health nutritional balance is of absolute supreme importance.

Low mineral intake drastically harm the functions of the body and paralyzes the very immune system itself where you end up being sick. 

With SilverLife products we create 
Your Future Health!













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SilverLife - Your Future Health!

SilverLife is a liquid mineral product based on pure silver with no side effects for the human body as shown by the Environmental Protection Agency of the USA EPA and the World Health Organization WHO. SilverLife is an approved product by WHO (WHO; 1994), for people with temporary or permanent low mineral intake, based on WHO full human safety of pure silver whilst boosting the immune system.

SilverCare Mission

Our mission is the production of the supreme quality, pure silver mineral SilverLife.

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WHO on Silver Mineral

EPA on Silver Mineral