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MediTec International FairLife

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MediTec PowCare FairLife






MediTec PowCare FairLife as mediator in technology facilitate technical expertise with the goal of introducing solutions to people together with upper market quality products offering FairLife to people.

MediTec PowCare FairLife focus on the vison for people to have access to first class solutions in power and to handle renwevable energy locally.


We consider our partners to be the best mediators of MediTec Group and the ultimate foundation for our business to prosper over the years.


MediTec PowCare FairLife tooday cooperate with some of the most competent companies in the world on renewable energy production and product manufacturing for international marketing.


PowCare Mission

PowerCare facilitate renweable energy for people to reach to quality solutions.





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MediTec offer the best solution to any given need as we guarantee the meaning of TEC:

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