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MediTec International FairLife

 Mediation of Technology Offering FairLife to the World!

















MediTec PowCare FairLife work in the mediation of technology for people to have access to fisrt class solutions in power and energy.


MediTec MineCare FairLife acts as mediator of technology introducing technical expertise with the goal of introducing solutions for local people and introduction of upper market quality  offering FairLife to people.

MediTec Group is not looking at short term financial winnings whilst our business structure is highly depending of a good partnership with the people were we act and hence we look at strengthening the community to its best in partnership in every matter creating winnig solutions.


We consider our partners to be the best mediators of MediTec Group and the ultimate foundation for our business to prosper over the years.

MediTec PowCare FairLife























   MediTec International FairLife Group



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MediTec offer the best result for any given need as we guarantee the meaning of TEC:

Time consciousness, Excellence in performance and Communication for winning solutions.

PowCare Mission

PowCare facilitate renweable energy sulutions for people to reach to quality solutions.