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FerroCare Vision


There is a huge need for well-tolerated,  efficient, hi-value Iron supplements in the World. FerroCare fulfill this actual need


Heme-Iron USP

Heme iron is safe and far better tolerated plus highly effective compared to older  iron forms. 


HemeIron is highly bioabsorbed with side-effects that are no more frequent than  placebo.

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MediTec FerroCare FairLife OptiFerSeries


MediTec has developed products in the pharmaceutical field for the international market since 1995. In 2010 the mission to bring well tolerated, high-quality, high-value, efficient Iron products worldwide was introduced in MediTec FerroCare Department.


FerroCare offers the best iron preparations available in terms of efficacy and tolerance to a reasonable price on the international market where we hold an extensive experience.


FerroCare today markets Tablets and Tasty Chewables with a combination of heme and non-heme iron with an uptake much higher than synthetic iron products and we are working on the invention of liquid heme-iron supplement solution syrup.

FerroCare constantly is developing new products and leading research and clinical studies on iron supplements.

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