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MediTec FairLife Program






MediTec FairLife Program of natural food is based on the hippocrates proverb that your
Food Shall Be Your Medicine. MediTec unite natural food as medicine and modern science in Your Future Health!

 Hippocrates; 460-377  B.C.

Jump 1 min/hour skiproping skipping the rope. Keep shoulders back, hips forward, palms upward, flat stomach and head high or take a swing with the kettlebell weight.


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 Aqua Vitae

In the morning have 1.0 l of boiled water to drink with half pealed lemon and ginger blended in the water to elevate your body pH above 7.0.

Breaking Fast

Mix nuts and seeds of raw organic pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, hazel, cashew, walnut, brazil, almonds and keep in a box. In the morning put the mix with organic oat in soak for some minutes in juice and add fruit, berries, coconut flakes, organic extra virgin coconut oil and Enjoy!


Green Noon

Make a salad from the greens of the season together with raw germinated mung bean sprouts, fresh spinach and other fresh leaves, cabbage, avocado, tomatoes, paprika, broccoli and garlic; pour over a mix of nuts and seeds, some cheese, eggs, fish, shrimps and virgin olive oil on the top.


Full Powder

Smoothie of fresh berries of your own choice, banana and avocado. Add powder of nettle, cacao, rosehip, ginger, turmeric, kelp, spirulina, plus you add some rapeseed oil. Enjoy and Jump!

Afternoon Tea

Infusion 1.0 l of roiboos and lapacho with a mix of spices as ginger, licorice, turmeric, cayenne, cardamom, cinnamon, cacao.


Supper Satisfaction

Make a green salad of what was left from the Noon and serve with side courses of sauerkraut and raw grated potatos  in virgin organic olive oil, garlic and roasted Mix of nuts and seeds grated cabbage, carrots, apple cider, olive oil, salt and pepper.


Wook/fry fish or seafood and eat with an appetizing cold potato salad for dinner with natural foods for Your Future Health! 


Night Delight

Mix banana, raw cocoa and grated orange peal for a great tastng chocolate dessert.


Pop and cool corn with butter and sea salt. 


Infusion of lapacho, licorice, chamomile 0.5 l.


Mix potato flour and magnesiumcarbonate in a glass of cold water before going to bed.

Eat natural good food, fat as extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, extra virgin rapeseed oil, extra virgin hemp seed oil, extra virgin flaxseed oil, omega three fish oil plus all foods that contain good fat such as organically grown fish and seafood, avocado, olives, coconut, nuts and seeds which will not disturb your metabolism and that will keep down inflammations. Do not at all eat trans fat, cooking oil or margarine.


Eat carbohydrates as resistant starch such as boiled cold or raw potatoes, potato flour, boiled cold rice, boiled cold or sprouted beans, boiled cold or sprouted lentils, boiled cold or sprouted peas, roots vegetables as beetroot, carrots boiled cold or raw or raw grated but not fast carbohydrates that immediately cause inflammations such as sugar, sweeteners, artificial sweetening chemicals, fructose, syrup and wheat flour found in bread, pasta, cakes and cookies plus not the fast burning starch in cooked hot potatoes, cooked hot rice or cooked hot maize.  


Eat natural proteins of high quality as carnivorian organically grown food that has not been manipulated hormonally, chemically or genetically such as fish and seafood, eggs and birds, lamb and goat plus grass pastured beef with the excellent choise of the vegetarian alternatives such as boiled cold or sprouted beans, boiled cold or sprouted lentils, boiled cold or sprouted peas plus huge quantities nuts and seeds.


In order to maintain a balanced body immune system it is of great importance to keep the body pH above 7.0. You maintain this by eating much green leafs, vegetables, fruits and natural water. In case your pH is under 7.0 drink magnesiumcarbonate in a glass of water and lemon Aqua Vitae.